Andrew Doria - The First Salute, Inc.

This is the site of a Company dedicated to bringing an important part of the early history of the United States before the public in a material and dramatic manner.

Company Vision:

To build and operate a fully functional representation of the Continental Navy warship Andrew Doria.
The completed vessel will serve as an educational platform with focus on:
  • traditional wooden boat construction and operation,
  • the vessel's proud Continental Navy career and role in the struggle for independence,
  • it's connection to the Dutch island of St. Eustatius,
  • it's ties to the Delaware Valley and the Delaware River and
  • it's role in America's naval history.
Our Mission is Three-Fold:
  1. Attempt to locate, recover or survey the remains of the original Andrew Doria, known to have been scuttled in the Delaware River in November 1777.
  2. Build and manage a fully operational representation of Andrew Doria.
  3. Promote awareness of the historic significance of the First Salute and Andrew Doria's place in the history of St. Eustatius, the United States and the US Navy by serving as an educational goodwill ambassador at various national and international events.

The Company is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the State of Maryland and is led by volunteer Board of Directors.

For the Company to succeed, considerable amounts of money must be raised in a timely manner. Funding is being sought from Federal, State and local government agencies, private sector organizations and most importantly the general public.

Throughout this site you will find various things that you could do to donate time, money and talents to help the Company fulfill its mission. Please do join the crew.
Last update: 11/26/2015